Our Chapel Hill Emergency Dentist Gives Suggestions On How to Handle Unexpected Dental Trauma

by Dr. Diane Hourigan | Date Published: 2017-06-20

Dealing with dental emergencies can be stressful and confusing. It helps to know that you have a dental professional on whom you can call if your smile is unexpectedly damaged. Our Chapel Hill emergency dentists are here with some tips on how to deal with a dental emergency. Keep reading to learn more, and remember, you can always reach out to our dental team if you have additional questions!

No matter what kind of dental trauma you experience, it is crucial that you receive professional treatment as soon as possible after sustaining dental damage. Take the time now to figure out who will call for emergency dental treatment, and make sure that their phone number and address are readily available in your home or on your phone. Make sure that your dentist provides emergency care; if they don’t find out if they refer their patients to another office for treatment.

If your tooth is knocked out, there is a small window of opportunity in which your dentist can re-insert the tooth. Ideally, in these cases, you would receive treatment within an hour of having your tooth knocked out. If possible, place the tooth back in its socket in the gum tissue—this will help to keep the roots viable. If this isn’t possible, or if it hurts to do this, place your tooth in a glass of milk until you get in to see your dentist.

Many dental emergencies, unsurprisingly, are quite painful. Use cold compresses on the outside of your cheek to numb pain. You can also take pain relievers like ibuprofen to dull pain, however, do not apply any pain reliever directly to the damaged area of your smile, as this can cause damage to your oral tissues.

With all of the advancements that have been made in the world of restorative dentistry, it is now faster and easier than ever before for our dental team to restore your smile after a dental emergency. Please don’t hesitate to seek treatment if your smile is damaged unexpectedly—you have treatment options! You can always call our Chapel Hill emergency dentists to get started, or use the Contact Us page on our site if you have a question for our team!